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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! We encourage our clients to interview our caregivers prior to starting their service. This will allow you and your family to talk to and get to know the caregiver.

All caregivers who visit your home go through a rigorous interview and screening process, as well as a background check, reference checks finger printing and, license verification. Our caregivers are regularly supervised and evaluated to ensure the highest quality of care is provided.

Our clients always have the option to change caregiver should they find him or her incompatible. If you are happy with the caregiver but just have some minor issues, we can talk to the caregiver in question and address any areas of concern. That is one of the advantages of working with AFL Home Care; we will coordinate changes and mediate the situation for you czytaj dalej.

For scheduled time-off, we ask our caregivers to turn in requests for time-off at least two weeks in advance so we can provide adequate coverage for our clients. When choosing a substitute caregiver, we first ask any caregivers the client may have had before and liked. We will find a caregiver who can fulfill your needs and work during the designated time.

In the event a caregiver calls in sick, our Staffing Manager will work to find you a substitute caregiver.

We pride ourselves on being very flexible. We will provide assistance to our clients for as long as needed. Some of our clients only require our services for a few weeks, while others may need assistance for months to years. We will work with you to build a home care plan that best fits your situation.

The costs for our service vary on a case-by-case basis. Our agency currently accepts Private Pay, Private Insurance, Long Term Care Insurance, and VA Program Benefits. Call us to discuss your payment options mer.

"Non-medical” care typically refers to personal care (ADL's), companion services, light housekeeping and running errands. It could also include medication reminders and transportation to medical appointments. “Non-medical” care is often sought by the elderly, new and expectant parents, individuals with disabilities, and those transitioning from a hospital or rehabilitation facility to home.

Yes. We can provide services up to 24 hours a day and there is always an on-call manager who can answer your questions and address any concerns after hours acheter viagra oral jelly. The on-call manager also provides around-the-clock support for your caregiver, while they are providing care in the home.

The Veterans Administration also offers financial programs that pay cash to veterans and/or their spouses. These funds may be used to help pay for home care for veterans.

We’re here to help. 

If you have questions about how to pay for home care, give us a call: (470) 412-6060. We will be happy to discuss your options.

Our rates are very competitive, and there are multiple payment options to help with the cost of home care. We will assist you in identifying any programs for which you qualify.

A caregiver may not administer injections or perform any invasive procedures. These procedures may include extensive major wound care, tube feeding, IV therapy, tracheotomy and any such tasks which require a skilled licensed professional (e.g. Registered Nurses, Physical Therapists, Occupation Therapists, etc.). Caregivers may provide medication assistance, making sure their clients receive their medication at the proper time.

In case of a medical emergency, our caregivers are instructed to call 911 immediately. We also ask that your family advise our agency and the caregiver for any additional instructions.

If the client is away from home for a short period of time due to hospitalization or vacation the caregiver will be available to resume work when the client returns. If the client is away for a prolonged period of time we try to continue with the same caregiver However, if that caregiver is unavailable we will do our best to find another caregiver that fits the needs of our client.

To learn more please ask one of our care coordinators by calling (470) 412-6060.

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